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New Cranberries Recipes

Marbled Coconut
Cranberry Creamsicle

Honey Roasted Cranberry
Orange Compote

Flourless Cranberry Black Bean Brownies


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Links of Interest to Consumers

Please click on the logo or links below to visit the site or page. Some of the resources available on the sites are listed in the column on the right.

US Cranberry Marketing Committee

The Cranberry Marketing Committee website is a treasure trove of information and recipes. Click the logo or title to the left to visit their website or click on one of the suggested topics below to go to that page.

A wide selection of RECIPES!

A HISTORY of cranberries in North America.

Emerging research on the role of cranberries in DENTAL HEALTH, CANCER PREVENTION, and STOMACH ULCER prevention.


The Cranberry Institute

The Cranberry Institute

The Cranberry Institute is "dedicated to supporting research and increasing awareness about the health benefits of the cranberry." Their website is well worth a visit.

10 Reasons to Love Dried Cranberries.


Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray is a co-operative association with over 700 grower families in North America. For more information visit their website and support BC's cranberry farmers when you purchase Ocean Spray cranberry products.

A wide selection of RECIPES!

Information about cranberry products