September 14
2017 BC Cranberry
Field Day Held at
BC Cranberry
Research Farm!

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BC Cranberry
Research Farm



Cranberries - BC Cranberry Research Farm

The BC Cranberry
Research Farm Opening

On Friday, September 5th, the official opening of the BC Cranberry Research Farm took

The weather was perfect and we had a great crowd out for the afternoon.

Growers and others were able to tour the farm and find out what varieties are being grown.

Plantings in the five bogs include new varietal releases, unnamed varietal releases as well as
standard varieties grown by BC growers such as Stevens.

On hand to explain the progress of the Farm were Todd May and Grant Keefer, with the BC Cranberry Research Society, Dr. Nick Vorsa, Rutgers University
and Dr. Kim Patten the Farm’s Scientific Director.











Special presentation to Jack Wessel for his contribution to the establishment of the Research Farm.

These videos were produced by Pathfinder Productions for the BC Cranberry Research Society.
HD videography and editing by Keith Dobie.