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The Goodness of Cranberries

The tradition of cranberries as a health product is lengthy. Native Americans used cranberries for both their medicinal and natural preservative powers. For hundreds of years, Europeans have used cranberries to treat a variety of ailments including one of modern day’s popular uses for them, urinary tract infections.

In recent years, both domestic and international researchers are finding that the consumption of cranberries can have many beneficial effects on our health.  This research continues to accumulate showing that cranberries contain a wide variety of powerful phytochemicals that promote wellness, can prevent certain acute infections, and may help prevent some age-related chronic diseases.

Interested in finding out more about the potential health benefits of consuming cranberry products more often? For specific health related information, we encourage you to visit the links below for the Cranberry Institute and Ocean Spray Canada who have compiled health research information in one place.

The mystery behind cranberries’ ability to assist us in a healthier lifestyle appears to be a unique property that prevents bacteria from attaching to each other and growing. Find out more at:

Find put how cranberries may provide protection against chronic age-related afflictions like loss of coordination and memory:

What are antioxidants and how do they assist your health?

Dental Health
Find out what researchers are discovering about cranberries that may have a role in maintaining oral health:

Do cranberries play a role in lowering LDL or bad cholesterol? Discover what research is telling us:

Research increasingly indicates that ulcers are caused by bacteria. Find out how cranberries anti-adhesion properties may have a role here:

Urinary Tract
Cranberries have been used for centuries to treat urinary tract infections. Find out what modern research is telling us:

Health information Summary
More on cranberry health benefits and how its unique properties work for you:

Milestones in Cranberry Health Research
Track current health findings as they were published: