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Research for BC Cranberry Growers

BC Cranberry Growers are always seeking ways to improve their sustainability. The BCCMC Research Committee allocates funding to priority research to ensure growers have relevant up to date information for their management decisions. The Research Committee offers an annual Request for Proposals (RFP) process to support priority research. Priorities are updated annually, and the RFP sent out in December. Submissions are due early February. Send Proposals to

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2023 Research Priorities

The BC Cranberry Marketing Commission Research Committee is responsible for setting research priorities.  It’s focus is on practical solutions and research that recognizes and targets BC growing conditions and challenges. Priorities are reviewed on an annual basis. Priorities 2023.

Cranberry Research Results

Please click on link to see what projects the Commission has supported. See here.

2023 Research Project Application Process

2023 Research Proposals deadline for submission is February 10, 2023.  For more information on the content, format and reporting requirements review: RFP and Process 2023

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

The BC Cranberry Commission Research Committee uses an evaluation template to assist with their decision making as attached.  Project Evaluation 2023