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Wading in cranberries

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List of 2015 Licensed BC Cranberry Growers

A R Savage & Sons

Albert Lau

Amrik Koonar

Apollo Group Management Ltd

B & N Berry Farm

BC Cranberry Research Society

Beaver Meadow Farms 1971 Ltd

Better Berries

BK Ranch Ltd

Botkin Farms

Brent Kelly Farms Inc

Brian Edwards

Canadian Valley Growers

Cloudburst Cranberry Farm Ltd

Columbia Cranberry Ltd

Cranberry Meadows Farms Ltd

Cranwest Farms Ltd Partnership

Creekside Cranberries

Crescent Island Cranberries

Delta Berry (0763007 BC Ltd.)

Delta Pride Farms Ltd

Devender Sood

Dulay Brother Enterprises Ltd

Dunnberry Farms Ltd.

Eagle View Farms Ltd

Echo Valley Farms

Flynn Farms Ltd

Fraserland Farms Partnership

G Hamilton & Sons Farms

Glen May Farms Ltd

Glen Valley Cranberry Farm

(GERI Partnership) Golden Eagle Cranberry Farm

Grafton Farms Ltd

H & H Cranberries

H Hendriksen & Sons Farms Ltd

Harvest Red Farms Ltd.

Highland Redi-Green Turf Farm Ltd

Hopcott Farms Ltd.

Iron River Farms Inc

Island Cranberries

J & H Cranberries Joint Venture

Jagbar Farms Ltd

JB Farms Ltd

Keefer Farms & Greenhouses

M & M Cranberry Co Ltd

Mahal Farms Ltd

Malhi Farming

Mayacres Farms Ltd

Mayberry Farms Ltd

Maybloom Farms Ltd

Mayblossom Farm Ltd

Maybog Farms Ltd

Mayfield Farms Ltd

Mayland Farms Ltd

Mayvine Farms Ltd

Meadow Cranberries

Meadowland Farms

Meadowland Farms (Pemberton)

Meadowmist Cranberries

Merom Farms Ld

Nicole Kelly

Pitt Meadows Farms Ltd

R & H Cranberries

Raine Cranberries Ltd

Richberry Farms Ltd

Richview Farms

Riverside Cranberries

Sandhill Cranberry Farm Ltd

Shaw Cranberry Ltd

Shergill Cranberry Farms

Sunshine Cranberries

Tara & Sons

Tri R Cranberries

Triple Six Farms Inc

Turnbull Cranberry Co

Twoten Resources Ltd