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For Kids

teaching kids about cranberries

Cranberries for learning

Hey kids! Explore the links below to find some cool, interesting things about cranberries! Don’t forget to find your favourite recipe!

Valuable Resources for Kids

Superberry Play

Join Cran (aka Superberry) and the other berries in a play about the new kid in class! Download .PDF

Superberry Poster

Superberry has a new autographed poster just for you! Download .PDF

Cranberry Facts for Kids

BC Cranberry facts for kids of all ages! Download .PDF

Cranberry Recipe Book for Kids

Here’s some great recipes you can make with your parents! Download .PDF

The Cranberry Story

Learn the story of cranberries from ground preparation & planting to harvest and winter frost! Download .PDF

Cranberry Bounce

Jack is a 5 year old cranberry farmer from BC. He’s excited to share his story with you! Meet Jack